Pressley’s desire to serve the people of South Cobb stems from her glowing pride in the area and what she recognizes as an untapped gem. It is Angelia’s hope and strategy to improve the quality of life for all her neighbors and friends through the use of a vision for planning communities of the fourth district through continued relationships with public safety, constructing sidewalks and stability in housing. Her ambition for the area is to work with the Cobb Chamber, community development and the South Cobb Redevelopment Authority for redevelopment and zoning where expectations are set upfront through communications channels and portals. She understands recruitment of industries that support the community through meaningful and high earning jobs, like technology, science and engineering and quality housing with mixed use units for residents are essential to the prosperity of district four.

She believes a balance of residential, industrial, light industrial and business is crucial to absorbing exorbitant taxes for residents. Furthermore, she plans to work with community stakeholders and partners to ensure proper and responsible transit/transportation to move residents in and out of the area. 


Renewable Energy, Jobs, and the Economy 
Whether you have renewable energy products or not, segments of the industry have increased in percentage of use significantly. Eventually, with more usage prices will go down and become as commonplace as your iPhone. Companies already have been profiting from the creation of these materials and employing engineers, construction workers and others with high paying jobs. Why not South Cobb, too. There also is interest in the district from advanced manufacturing, technology, healthcare, technology and biotech industries. This plan stabilizes families, builds tax revenues and attract other desirable investments #letsbuildsouthcobbtogether #presspressley. We can do it. You can help! #leaf #solar #renewableenergy #chargingstation #tesla #biotech #advancedmanufacturing #technology

 The conversation has gone on long enough. We will implement a robust community engagement plan to help citizen understand mobility. Then, residents can decide intelligently what is the best method for transit. We can do it. You can help! #brt #lightrail #electric #renewableenergy #mobility #southcobb #district4

Tourism and SPLOST
Before the COVID19 pandemic, tourism was roughly a $6.14 billion dollar industry for Cobb. What would it do for small businesses, if we promoted nature-based and outdoor destinations in South Cobb when it is safe again? Aside from the boost to those companies, sales tax from visitors also would build the SPLOST for more capital improvements, like sidewalks, arts and entertainment, etc. We have plenty of attractions for seven days in South Cobb.

Pressley’s background in tourism will be useful to attracting visitors and new residents to experience all that South Cobb has to offer. She understands how making use of the outdoor and nature-based tourism assets can build the SPLOST fund by inviting visitors to enjoy the area.