Review the link below for this exciting discussion on how to pivot from COVI9 into success for your small business, including information for veterans. The event happened on Thursday, May 28th. We did record the event and you can watch it from the link provided below.

Click here to watch the recording


Town hall with Angelia Pressley District 4 Commissioner Candidate, the CEO of Cobb Works and the Post 3 School Board Candidate. They are talking about the impact COVID19 had on job loss and what resources are available to those who have been impacted.

New skills training,
Resume writing,
Employers looking for candidates,
Schools and jobs for teens

Tuesday, May 12th at 4 pm

Here is the link to watch the replay of the Jobs Town Hall meeting. We had a wonderful turn out and I want to thank everybody who joined us. Please contact me if you want to share your issues on how the COVID 19 virus impacted you.

The kickoff campaign in 2019 that shared ideas and explores the campaign platform of Pressley for Cobb District 4 with friends, Ed Richardson, Parks Kennerly, Rhonda Reece, Michael Randall, Veronica Adadevoh and others.