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Let's let the "Women Are Worthy" show introduce Angelia to you

Women Are Worthy is a forum where women can have a dialogue and share ideas. The team  inspires women by motivating them to be better than they were yesterday.  The organization  believes in community support and sharing resources, by uplifting one another. Through these methods we become strong role models for the generations to come. Let this video interview from them allow you to get to know Angelia

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South Cobb’s (Your) Candidate for Cobb County District 4 Commissioner. Ready, willing and able to work with the community and stakeholders to help build a better, brighter South Cobb for everyone.

Personal story.
Angelia (pronounced An-ja-la) has been a Smyrna resident and homeowner for 12 years near the Silver Comet Trail and Historic Covered Bridge. This area of South Cobb is where she discovered a sense of place in the world. Ms. Pressley immediately recognized the value of the fourth district’s assets and its endless potential for growth. She began to engage her community as a business owner and volunteered with South Cobb Business Association, Kiwanis Club of Greater South Cobb, South Cobb Redevelopment Authority (SCRA), A. W. “Tony” Matthews Boys & Girls Club and Georgia Symphony Orchestra. She led the research and community engagement component of the branding campaign for South Cobb and learned the hearts and minds of residents’ needs and desires, working with the District 4 and Cobb County Board of Commissioners, Cobb County Community Development and SCRA. Additionally, Pressley launched and planned the Taste of South Cobb through her marketing agency on behalf of area non-profits, Sweetwater Mission and South Cobb Arts Alliance and brought attention to the district’s resources and value. She also gave her time to a local organization for workforce development, and serves her firm’s clients in environmental and economic sustainability.  In 2017, she created Great Escape Family Empowerment & Harvest as a vehicle to help stabilize underserved families, targeting Title I schools in South Cobb and Smyrna.

Angelia Pressley grew up the eldest of five in a traditional household, where she saw the commitment, respect for others and values of God exhibited by her parents. Both blue collar workers, they trusted Angelia and gave her responsibility to care for her four younger siblings after school and during summer school breaks. They also rewarded her for the duties and hard work of being the big sister. She found solace on visits to her grandmother’s, who lived a stone’s throw from her parents’ home. There, she dreamed of the world beyond her immediate environment.

The younger Pressley graduated high school and left home at age 16 to pursue higher education. At Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL., far different from where she was raised, Angelia adapted quickly to a community outside the comforts and of her nurturing home. After graduating college, she resided and worked in a few large cities, DC, NYC and ATL, and became familiar with the challenges and triumphs of corporate America and living independently. She remembered, though, and held to the ideals of her hometown where there was no separation of teachers, blue or white collar workers, doctors, business owners or homemakers. Instead, everyone understood their roles and respected each other. Pressley regards South Cobb similarly and knows everyone deserves a good quality of life––without distinction. Believing deeply in education, Angelia went on to earn a Master’s of Strategic Public Relations from The Georgia Washington University School of Political Management in 2017 with honors and serves currently as an adjunct professor at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA.

Business owner.
In 1996, she opened a marketing firm, remembering her grandmother’s words that she should always listen to her inner voice to direct her life—even when people are in opposition. This advice and her faith is the reason she weathered three recessions throughout her company’s existence. With several evolutions, Angelia has stuck with the vision she had for her agency since her junior year of college. Pressley is the owner/director and branding expert of AP Advertising & PR Worldwide LLC, and leads it with knowledge of issues and crisis management, strategic marketing planning, brand development and media relations. The firm also is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). Pressley is known by her clients in industries of health, environment and zoning, auto rental, tourism, government, groceries and education for follow-through.

Platform ideas.
Pressley’s desire to serve the people of South Cobb stems from her glowing pride in the area and what she recognizes as an untapped gem. It is Angelia’s hope and strategy to improve the quality of life for all her neighbors and friends through the use of a vision for planning communities of the fourth district through continued relationships with public safety, constructing sidewalks and stability in housing. Her ambition for the area is to work with the Cobb Chamber, community development and the South Cobb Redevelopment Authority for redevelopment and zoning where expectations are set upfront through communications channels and portals. She understands recruitment of industries that support the community through meaningful and high earning jobs, like technology, science and engineering and quality housing with mixed use units for residents are essential to the prosperity of district four.

She believes a balance of residential, industrial, light industrial and business is crucial to absorbing exorbitant taxes for residents. Furthermore, she plans to work with community stakeholders and partners to ensure proper and responsible transit/transportation to move residents in and out of the area. Pressley’s background in tourism will be useful to attracting visitors and new residents to experience all that South Cobb has to offer. Lastly, she always values the importance of education and will embrace school board members to elevate schools and students in the area.

Civic involvement and education.
Ms. Pressley is a past president and a charter member of Kiwanis Club of Greater South Cobb, a group that serves 11 schools. She is a member of the South Cobb Business Association and of the National Black & Latino Council. She has a B.A. degree in English and Advertising from Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL and recently received a Master’s of Strategic Public Relations from The George Washington University School of Political Management in August, 2017.

Angelia enjoys riding her road bike on the Silver Comet Trail, singing with the Georgia Symphony Orchestra (GSO) and water sports. Her primary missions in life are sharing the good news about Christ, the positive development of children and promoting South Cobb.